We have been covering the proposed marijuana legalization bill in Vermont very closely this legislative session, so you can imagine my disappointment when this letter came to my inbox today, stating that Vermont Governor Phil Scott vetoes legalization bill. Governor Scott states that he want to get this right and that perhaps they need to move […]
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Ohio Supreme Court Justice says it’s time to decriminalize marijuana, Justice O’Neill, a democrat holding an Ohio statewide office, said making marijuana legal is working in Colorado and doing it in Ohio would bring hundreds of millions of dollars in sales taxes. O’Neill also announced earlier this year that he’s considering stepping down and making […]
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I have been writing for The Weed Blog for several months now, but many of you might not know that the whole reason my path ever crossed with the site’s owners was because of a by-chance meeting at an event at Serra Cannabis on SE Belmont. Leah was so intrigued with my story about how […]
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Although the cannabis industry is weathering through some tough times with the current administration in the U.S., the election last November made it clear that this moment and industry is only going one way with the public: forward. This was pronounced even further by a recent study done by Marijuana Business Daily, where it was […]
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions directs prosecutors to seek toughest drug charges, harshest practices of the drug war. How will cannabis industry professionals respond to Jeff Sessions memo? In a two-page memo sent to more than 5,000 assistant U.S. attorneys across the country and all assistant AGs in Washington, the policy orders prosecutors to “charge and […]
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We have been covering the proposed marijuana policy legislation in Vermont quite a bit this legislative session. You may recall that one particular bill, S.22, would remove criminal and civil penalties for minor marijuana possession, allow residents to grow a limited number of marijuana plants, and create a commission tasked with eventually establishing a system […]
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The Board of State Canvassers in Michigan unanimously approved the form of petitions to legalize recreational/adult-use marijuana last week. They were submitted by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, who plans to begin collecting signatures immediately in hopes of making the 2018 ballot. According to The Detroit News: Petitioners will have to collect at least […]
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Can you use Marijuana to Treat Drug Addiction? As more states legalize cannabis with both medical and recreational/adult-use legislation, the topic of using marijuana to treat drug addiction seems to come up more and more. We recently posted an article about how cannabis could be the cure to opioid addiction, and I have spoken with […]
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