Can you use Marijuana to Treat Drug Addiction? As more states legalize cannabis with both medical and recreational/adult-use legislation, the topic of using marijuana to treat drug addiction seems to come up more and more. We recently posted an article about how cannabis could be the cure to opioid addiction, and I have spoken with […]
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Are you concerned about the potentially harmful effects of using insect control products filled with synthetic chemicals? You’re not alone. Growers everywhere are seeking alternatives such as organic pesticides for protecting their plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs from destructive insects. The good news is that an environmentally conscious way to a bug-free organic […]
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On April 19, 2017, Gov. Jim Justice signed West Virginia’s medical marijuana bill into law! SB 386 passed the Senate in a 28-6 vote on March 29, and it passed the House on April 4 in a … Read more ›
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My posts of Week 1 and Week 2 were so full of activity, I didn’t think they could be topped until Weeks 3 and 4 came around! Cannabis Season – Week 3 This week includes Dope Cup 2017, another wander to Frankie’s place, and visits to some of my favorite downtown Portland dispensaries. Here is […]
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As cannabis legalization gains more and more support across the United States, it is becoming more clear which demographics and which regions are still our “swing vote”. The Southern United States, which include many faith based or Christian groups, may certainly be that. During my career in cannabis, I have met many people from Texas, […]
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I have been attending the Oregon Hemp Convention (OHC) event ever since I got active with the cannabis industry in Oregon, and The Weed Blog has been covering the OHC for a long time. I was a speaker in the Fall of 2015, and helped with a Women Grow booth there in 2016. It was an incredible […]
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Luis Gómez Romero, University of WollongongThe president of the United States, Donald Trump, prides himself on his business acumen. But his protec…
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