Medical marijuana has been officially legalized in North Dakota since the passage of Measure 5 (also called the North Dakota Compassion Care Act) last November. However, now the implementation and regulation is being debated and has been since early this year. After the election results, an 81-page bill called the North Dakota Compassion Care Act in the ND […]
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It’s no secret that history repeats itself, it’s just not always obvious while it’s actually happening. Case in point: America’s seemingly endless war on marijuana can trace its roots directly to the prohibition era, which was a spectacular disaster in every way. This is a topic that TWB has posted about before, and also one that […]
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Twenty-eight states and the nation’s capital allow for the legal use of medical marijuana. The drug is legal for recreational use in eight states an…
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From years of cultivating craft cannabis at AlpinStash, I’ve learned that environmental controls are critical to a healthy garden. Yet, it’s often one of the last aspects facilities invest in and implement. I recommend professional cultivators place primary importance on creating the optimal environment for their plants. Properly integrating environmental controls–temperature, humidity, air movement and filtration, […]
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If you are familiar with any growing methods for maximizing the growing season of marijuana plants, then you may have already heard about scrogging. The term comes from “ScrOG,” which technically stands for “screen of green.” Scrogging is intended to get the most (and highest quality) growth and yield from within one growing season. The […]
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As CEO of Cannador, I work closely with engineers to create uniquely designed cannabis storage products and accessories that allow you to maintain the freshness, taste and quality of cannabis. Along the way, we’ve discovered a great deal about storing cured flower, and we’ve since developed a number of cannabis storage best practices. Cannabis exposed […]
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April 20 is just around the corner, and as many are looking into planning their 420 experience, a staple in the Denver 420 rally – the Civic Center Park rally – just got a star-studded enhancement with the addition of the Grammy award-winning rapper, 2 Chainz. Free to the public, the new owner of the festival learned […]
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Jane West is the CEO of the cannabis lifestyle brand Jane West, where she designs and develops accessories and home goods that invite mainstream consumers to experience the benefits of cannabis and take part in the legal lifestyle. West has a prominent place in the establishing of the legal, business-minded cannabis industry. Prior to launching […]
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Illustrator and brand developer Todd Pearl has set out to draw every cannabis strain design known to mankind. He’s done 24. Only about 700+ more to go! In the fall, Todd is launching to sell his catalog of each cannabis strain design that will include posters, stickers, apparel (individual strain designs on the various […]
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