United Patients Group Takes Center Stage at This Week’s “Best Answer for Cancer Summit” In San Diego: Workshop and Centerpiece Presentation Offer Medical Cannabis ‘State of the Union’ Medical marijuana education leader United Patients Group is proud to take center stage at the Answers for Cancer Summit in San Diego this week, hosted by the Best […]
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We have been covering the topic of social cannabis consumption for quite a while at The Weed Blog. Being based in Portland we would love to see Oregon be the first state to pioneer this area of the cannabis industry (and we are sure hopeful with Senate Bill 307 on the lines currently). However, some […]
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Since I picked up my Judges Kit for the 2017 Cultivation Classic this week, I will count this as the start of my season. Here is how I walked 29.4 miles from Sunday April 9 through Saturday, April 15. Sunday, 0.2 miles; Monday 1.1 miles. I spent the weekend at home, cleaning the house while […]
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The Weed Blog is excited to announce that one of Oregon’s premier cannabis farms, Yerba Buena, has created and released their highest testing CBD strain, “Corazon” (Spanish for “Heart”). This new highest testing CBD strain is a cross between Charlotte’s Web and AC/DC. Testing at 22.5% CBD and 2.71% THC by Pixis Labs under Oregon’s ORELAP-certified […]
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Cannabis Cultural Association Empowers Next Generation of Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners The Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA) strives to involve underrepresented communities in the legal cannabis/hemp industry, by providing informational workshops, cultural programs, and community events with an emphasis on issues disproportionately affecting communities of color: access to medical cannabis, adult use legalization, and […]
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New survey results show that 40% of cannabis users feel the Trump Administration will have a negative effect on future of marijuana in the U.S. 70% feel that marijuana should be regulated the same as alcohol and tobacco in the U.S. We think this speaks mounds about where the American public is at with the […]
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With all of the state legislatures being in session and the current state of momentum in the cannabis policy reform movement, it is no surprise that many states are seeing marijuana bills and other proposals come through for consideration. The State of Vermont is no exception. Just recently, the Vermont Senate voted 21-9 in favor […]
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